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Pest Control And Your New Place

When you move in a new place, you don't want to assume that there aren't going to be any issues with pests. When you move in a home that has been completely gone through and cleaned ahead of time, you may not see those obvious signs of an infestation, so you really won't know what types of pests you may find yourself dealing with. Therefore, it's a good idea to take as many steps as possible to get any possible infestations under control and to do your best to prevent infestations. Here are some things you should do:

Have the home sprayed before you move your items in – Having a home mouse removal or pest control company come out and spray the entire home and yard before you move in will allow them to spray all areas of the house and yard without working around your personal effects. This allows them to get the spray into every possible crack and crevice, so there is a much higher chance that it will be more effective. Also, having them spray it ahead of time means it will be more than dry when you move in, so there will be no concerns regarding your children or pets getting into it.

Don't bring new-used items in without checking them – If you have just purchased used furniture, appliances, electronics or other items that can harbor pests, check them completely before they go in the home. Sometimes, you can purchase items used only to find that there are pests in them, such as roaches, mice or bed bugs. If you bring them into your new place, then you are unknowingly inviting those pests to infest your new place. You may need to partially take them apart and even use a magnifying glass to make sure they are safe to come in the home.

Keep your food in sealed containers – Foods that are left in open containers, such as cereals and pasta, can be very tempting for pests. By putting them in plastic containers with tight-fitting lids you will be helping to decrease the chances of having pests making their ways into your kitchen cupboards. 

Keep your home clean in all areas – When it comes to preventing pest infestations, you need to be diligent about preventing all types of pests from feeling comfortable in your house. If you allow dark areas to go unkempt, you may find yourself dealing with plenty of spiders. If you don't vacuum often enough, you may find yourself fighting off ants, roaches or mice. These examples will show you why it's important to clean every nook and cranny in your home, even the areas that may not necessarily be used regularly by your family. You even want to make sure you keep the underneath of your sink cupboards clean and dry, or you may end up with pincher bugs or rolly polly bugs.

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