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Want To Enjoy A More Pest-Free Outdoor Experience This Summer? Start With These Proactive Tips

Americans love summer time. In addition to the warm sunshine and bright colors that accompany the season, summer weather offers the opportunity to move many of our favorite activities outdoors, such as entertaining friends and family, spending time playing with the kids, or savoring a morning coffee or evening nightcap. But along with the pleasures of summer are the pests capable of stealing the enjoyment of being outdoors. If you are looking forward to spending more time outside your home this summer and want to make sure that pests will not steal your joy, start with these proactive tips. 

Ticks and fleas 

Backyards that have infestations of ticks or fleas can be uncomfortable or even dangerous places for families to enjoy. Lyme's disease, and other serious health issues are now known to be caused by some types of tick bites, while bites from other types of ticks and fleas can cause painful sores and the potential for infection and scarring of the skin. While ticks and fleas are more often found in homes with pets, wild animals and birds, as well as pets from nearby homes can cause an infestation to develop in outdoor spaces where no pets currently live. Pest control specialists can use special sprays, granules, or baits to exterminate existing tick and flea populations and prevent them from recurring. 


Mosquitoes are another insect that can limit the enjoyment families get from their outdoor spaces during the summer season. Because they are drawn to spaces that offer them shade and water in which to lay eggs, homeowners can take specific steps to help prevent them from becoming a problem, including: 

  • eliminating any standing water, such as mud puddles, pet dishes, bird baths, or containers that fill with rainwater 
  • keeping grass and flowerbeds trimmed 
  • trimming back overgrown trees and bushes to allow more sunshine to penetrate dark, damp areas of the yard
  • using landscaping plants that help to deter mosquitoes, such as marigolds and lavender
  • using citronella candles around the perimeter of outdoor living areas when entertaining or enjoying family fun outdoors  

Pest control companies also offer more permanent solutions for severe mosquito infestations. 

For more information about specific pest control issues relevant to your area or assistance with a specific pest issue, homeowners should contact a local, reputable pest control expert. In addition to solving a pest control issue, pest control companies can schedule inspections to determine if a problem exists and offer preventative treatment options to deter future problems. 

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