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3 Vital Tips For Rodent Control And Elimination

Have you recently discovered rat or mouse droppings in your kitchen or basement? Are you wondering not only how the pests got in but, more importantly, how to get rid of them? Even if it starts with just a couple of rats or mice, the population can quickly get out of control if left unchecked. But getting rid of your new rodent "guests" isn't always as simple as it might first seem. In order to rid yourself of these potential disease-carriers as quickly as possible, here are some things that you should do as soon as possible:

Call in a professional: The field of rodent control consists of more than just setting out various traps and hoping that they work. Different species of rats and mice are attracted to different things. Using the incorrect bait in a trap will ultimately result in frustration and allow the rodents in question more time to multiply, making your job even harder. A rodent control professional will know not only what kinds of rodents live in your area, he or she will also know which type of bait is most likely to attract the local population. In addition, these professionals can help you locate the entry areas, allowing you to seal off your home to prevent access.

Avoid live traps: People who are squeamish or sentimental about all animals tend to want to avoid kill traps. Unfortunately, live traps are much worse for rodent control than you'd expect. If you trap a rat or mouse inside and release it in your own yard, it's just going to find its way back in. To prevent it from returning, you'd have to take it to a location that is miles away from your home. Assuming that you do get far enough away to prevent a return, you're either condemning the rodent to a slow death by starvation or to a painful death by a predator. The kill traps used by your local exterminator are a much cleaner and more humane death in comparison.

Disinfect and repackage your kitchen: Rats and mice are able to chew through a wide variety of materials. They can gnaw through almost every store-bought package, except for cans and jars. As such, any food that you buy should be repackaged into metal or glass canisters whenever possible. In addition, since rats and mice urinate and defecate indiscriminately while foraging, your cans and jars may be contaminated even if the pests don't gain entry. Keep your canned and jarred goods in a large plastic tote to prevent future contamination and be sure to completely clean and disinfect any cabinets that may have been contaminated with rodent droppings.

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