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Termites And Beyond: 4 Types Of Insects That Attack Wood And How To Deal With Them

If you have wood features around your home that look like they have been attacked by termites, this may or may not be the problem. There are various types of insects that attack wood, and some infestations are more serious than other. No matter what type of insect it is, you will want to get help getting your pest problem under control. Here are some of the different types of insects that attack wood and how to deal with these types of infestations:

1. The Carpenter Ant and Controlling the Problem Before They Cause Damage

Ants are usually not a problem with wood, but there is a species that nests in rotten wood. This type of ant is commonly known as the carpenter ant (Camponotus pennsylvanicus), which is the large black ant that you see in wooded areas. These ants slowly grow their colony in rotten wood, and if they begin to nest in your home, they can be a problem as they cause moisture and wood rot. The problem with carpenter ants is not as serious as termites because they do not eat wood, but if left untreated the problem could get worse.

2. Wood-Boring Beetles That Attack Trees and Wood Around Your Home

Another common type of insect that attacks wood is the beetle. There are certain species of beetles known as wood-borers because they bore holes in the bark of trees for larvae. The larvae that are beneath the bark will then eat the heart of the trees, eventually killing the tree. Different species of wood-boring beetles attack different species of trees. This is a problem if you have vulnerable trees, forest waste materials like firewood, or exposed timber features on the exterior of your home.

3. Termite Colonies That Can Quickly Destroy Wood Features Around Your Home

The more serious insect problem that attacks wood is the termite. Many people confuse termites with ant species, but they are closely related to cockroaches. There are many different species of termites that can be divided into three categories: dampwood, drywood and subterranean species. Dampwood termites are not as much of a concern as other species that can quickly destroy wood structures. All species of termites will nest and eat wood and colonies can grow to include as many as 1-million termites, as is the case with subterranean species. Thus, it is important to get the infestation under control before the termites cause serious damage to your home.

These are some of the different types of insects that attack wood and how to deal with the infestations. If you need help getting a wood-attacking insect problem under control, contact a pest control service, such as Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Inc to help with termite control and other pests that damage your home. 

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