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Your Questions Answered About Bed Bugs

Waking up with red marks on your body can be embarrassing when there are a lot of them and you have to go to a public place. If you have been dealing with such a problem, it might stem for there possibly being bed bugs in your house. The pests could have made it to your home in several ways, such as if you stayed in a hotel shortly before noticing the red marks appearing on your skin. It is wise to get rid of the pests in a timely manner if you don't want to end up with the problem developing into an infestation. Browse the content in this article to learn general information about bed bugs and getting rid of them.

What Kind of Temperatures Do Bud Bugs Like?

Bed bugs are most likely to survive in temperatures that are mild. For instance, if your house is extremely hot, it is not the most ideal climate for bed bugs. Temperature that are extremely cold can also cause harm to the pests. Keep in mind that a humid house is also unappealing to bed bugs, but it can take a while for them to go away without the proper treatment being done.

Can Bed Bugs Breed in a Fast Manner?

Although bed bugs are able to breed fast, the process is a lot slower than it is for other pest types. For instance, a bed bug might produce a single egg on a daily basis, which is a very low number compared to the number of eggs that other pests can regularly produce. Even with one egg being produced per day, the problem can still get out of control. Nipping the problem in the bud before there are numerous bed bugs crawling around your home is important.

How Can a Homeowner Keep Bed Bugs Under Control?

Using Caulk to seal off cracks in your house is a step towards keeping bed bugs under control. The reason why is because it makes it more difficult for the pests to hide and avoid being exposed to pesticides. The right temperature and cracks also makes it easier for the pests to survive and breed. Thoroughly washing your clothes, vacuuming furniture, and checking luggage after trips can also be done to prevent a bed bug problem from getting worse.

Should a Professional Exterminator Be Hired?

No matter what you try on your own to get rid of bed bugs, they will likely still be present in your home. It is important for a professional exterminator to be hired to assist with getting rid of the pests. He or she will know where the bugs can be found, and which type of pest control methods to use that will be effective. An exterminator is able to get rid of bed bugs in no time, which is a great way to get a peace of mind in regards to waking up with red bite marks on your body.

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