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3 Surprising Dangers Of Bats

From mice and cockroaches to spiders and ants, the number of pests that can affect your home can be overwhelming. In most homes, preventing these common pests is a priority. However, prevention of other, less-common pests should also be important. While surprising to learn, bats can wreak havoc on your home and health. Here are a few surprising dangers of having bats in and around your home.


Bats leave behind droppings just like other pests. Known as guano, this fecal matter contains the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum, which can be hazardous to your health. If inhaled, the fungus can cause histoplasmosis, a lung infection that can be fatal if it spreads through your body.

Knowing what guano looks like will help you determine if you have a bat problem in and around your home. Bat guano will appear to have shiny speckles in it. It will also crumble when it is touched. Be sure you are wearing gloves during the inspection. Bat droppings will also be clustered up as opposed to mouse droppings that are spread around.

Wear a HEPA filter respirator mask and rubber gloves when inspecting areas of your home for this fecal matter. Bat droppings do appear similar to mouse droppings, but there are a few differences.


Bats tend to carry rabies, which is a disease that should be taken seriously. If you have bats in the home, there is a risk of one or more biting you, which can lead to the transmission of rabies that requires immediate medical intervention.

Of course, a bite is not the only way rabies can be transmitted. If you are exposed to a bat's guano, urine, fur, or blood, you will also be at risk of rabies.

Home Damage

Bats will damage your home in an attempt to make entry. Not only will they chew through the home's exterior, but they are also known for chewing on walls inside the home to create nests. If bats create an opening in your home's exterior and moisture can seep into the home, increasing the risk of water damage and mold growth.

Repairing your home is possible, but it will take a great deal of time, energy, and money. After eradicating the bats from the home, you will need to complete repairs quickly to protect the function, value, and appeal of your house.

Bats are not one of the most common pest problems for homeowners, but they do deserve a bit of understanding. To learn more about preventing or treating a bat problem, contact a pest control company, like Alta Sierra Pest Control, today.

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