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Your Questions Answered About Termites

Are you wondering what can be causing the hardwood floors in your house to squeak when they are securely in place? There is the possibility that the hardwood planks are weakening from there being termites in your house. Finding out if the pests are destroying your house should be done as soon as possible. There are usually signs present in a house that points to termites, but hiring an exterminator is the best way to find out. The content in this article will answer some of the important questions in regards to dealing with termites.

What Do Termites Look Like?

Termites are commonly mistaken for being ants because they have a similar look. However, there are distinctive features that you can look for to determine if there are termites in your house. For instance, ants don't have wings that are of an equal size like termites. You will also notice that termites have straight antennas, while ants have antennas that are bent.

What Are the Signs of Termites Being Present?

One of the signs of termites being in your house is the presence of pellets that are made of drywood. The pellets are usually left behind in piles that are easy to notice if there are a lot of termites in your house. You might also notice that there are tiny holes in the drywall. If you knock on areas of the walls that have solid wood, the sound might be hollow if termites are present and have caused damage.

How Much Damage Can Termites Cause?

Termites can cause a substantial amount of damage depending on how long they are left in a house before being exterminated. You must keep in mind that the pest are able to consume wood all day and night if they desire to do so. Termite damage can get to the extent of the structural integrity of a house being completely diminished. Your house can actually become too unsafe to reside in.

How Can a Professional Treat Termites?

An inspection is the first thing that an exterminator will do during the treatment process. The reason why is because he or she will then be able to determine where the termites are living in your house. The interior areas where the pests are living will be the main focus of treatment, as well as the exterior area of the house. The pesticides that are used can vary based on the type of termites that are found, as well as who is hired to exterminate your house.

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