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How To Rid Your Home Of Ladybugs Naturally

If your home has been overrun by ladybugs and you would like to remove them without using pesticides, you have several options. There are many natural ways to get rid of the bugs; you may combine the strategies listed below, or use them separately depending on the extent of the problem.

Plant Chrysanthemums

Planting chrysanthemums around your home can be an effective strategy for getting rid of ladybugs. Plant the chrysanthemums under windows and near the entrances and exits of your home. Chrysanthemums are also useful for protecting your home from other kinds of insects such as fleas, roaches, and ants, because they contain a substance called pyrethrum, which is an insect repellent.

Orange Essential Oils

Spray some orange oil around your home. Make sure you concentrate the majority of your orange oil under windows and near your doors. Ladybugs hate the scent of citrus and this will get them scurrying away very quickly. You can make an orange essential oil spray by mixing the oil with some water and then pouring it into a spray bottle.

Lemon Furniture Polish

A simple solution to your ladybug problem is to rub lemon scented furniture polish on the walls and surfaces in your home. Ladybugs do not like the scent of lemons and will leave in a hurry. You can also peel lemons, cut up the skin, and leave it in containers in specific areas.

 Apple Slices

Ladybugs are attracted to fruit, so a good way to get rid of them is to fill shoe boxes with finely chopped pieces of apple and leave them in strategic locations, so that ladybugs can feast on them. When they infest the shoe box, you can then cover it and carry the box outside to the garden, or to the woods where you can release the bugs.

Bay Leaves and Cloves

Ladybugs do not like the scent of bay leaves, and will be repelled by it. Place bay leaves into bags and hang them around your home and this will help you to get rid of the bugs. You can also add some cloves to the bags of bay leaves, since the smell of cloves also repels ladybugs. Bags of cloves and bay leaves may be used together or separately; however, together they are more powerful, and will solve your ladybug infestation problem faster.

Getting rid of ladybugs without having to resort to harmful pesticides is easy and extremely cost effective when you use the strategies that have been given here. For more information on residential pest control, contact your local pest exterminator. 

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