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Why You Don't Want To Poison Squirrels To Remove Them From Your Attic

Rodents are one of the most aggressive types of pests when it comes to finding their way into your home. Squirrels in particular are a major threat because make large nests that can support many young. These nests are constantly being urinated and defecated in. This creates water spots that can spread disease in your home through your ceiling. Squirrels also cause fire hazards by chewing insulation off electrical wires near their nests.

If you suspect a squirrel infestation, your first thought may be to set out rodent poison in order to kill the squirrels. However, that's a bad idea. Here's why you should seek a pest control alternative to rodent poison to take care of your squirrel infestation.

Lingering Remains

When a squirrel is poisoned, it dehydrates to death. This can solve the initial infestation problem, but it creates another by leaving the squirrel carcasses in your walls and attic to rot. This creates a smell that can linger for months. As the squirrel continues to decompose, it can cause mold and mildew to grow around their bodies and attract other pests.

Baiting Outside

A trained pest control expert knows how to place bait outside you home to attract the squirrels out. This is much better than allowing them to die inside your home. The bait itself is not poisonous but usually something very appetizing to a squirrel. Peanut butter is a good example because it is attractive to squirrels and takes a way to consume. Once the squirrels attracted outside, the pest control operative can install devices that prevent them from re-entering your home.

Roof Traps

Traps are mounted on your roof since most squirrels would rather travel from a tree to a house that from the ground to the structure. They will enter a trap readily for easy food. If you decide you want the pest control company to release the squirrels elsewhere, request they use a live trap. Even a traditional kill trap is a better alternative than poison.

Exclusion Doors

Another way to discourage squirrels is by installing one way doors on the openings where they come in and out of the house. This allows them to leave through the openings they made and to be unable to re-enter your home. After finding the opening shut, they have to find another place to live without you having to poison them. This is a more humane option than poisoning them, and it's cleaner as well.

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