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3 Things to Do When Preparing for Bedbug Treatment

When you discover that you have bedbugs, you may find that you need to have your pest control company treat the home. If your house needs bedbug treatment, there are a few things you'll need to do to prepare. Use the following guide to prepare your home for bedbug treatment.

Determine What You Will Throw Away

If you find that you need to throw away a mattress or other piece of furnishing that is too infested to treat, take care to dispose of these items properly. Placing them in plastic can help prevent the bedbugs from spreading when you throw the items away. You can use a plastic encasement bag for mattresses and box springs, or you can use plastic wrap to encase chairs or other oddly shaped items. Contact your trash removal company to let the pickup people know there are items that need to be thrown away, and label the items so the crew knows to handle these items with care.

Remove Items You Don't Want Treated

If there are items you don't want treated, such as artwork that might be damaged by the chemicals, move them to a safe area. You'll want to make sure these items don't have any bedbugs on them before moving them from the room. If you do notice bedbugs, you can place the items in sealed plastic bags before placing them in a separate, uninfected room. Your pest control expert can help you determine which items are safe to treat and which aren't.

Clean Out the Kitchen

You don't want to eat food that might have been exposed to the bedbug treatments, so take some time to pack away your food. If you prefer not to move everything from the kitchen, transfer items into tightly sealed plastic containers. You can store flour, sugar, pasta, and other dry goods in these containers. Place canned goods in plastic zipper food bags to keep chemicals off of the surface of the cans. If you prefer not to have to re-wash all of your dishes and glassware, place them in plastic storage bins until the bedbug treatment is complete.

Your pest control expert will let you know how long you should remain out of the house when it's being treated for bedbugs. Follow the instructions the pest control company gives you for preparing your home, and be sure to do a thorough inspection after the treatment is complete to ensure the bedbug issue has been resolved.

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