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Controlling Scorpion Population In Your Home Environment

Say the word scorpions and most people cringe. If you live in warmer southern states here in America, scorpions are a part of your daily life experience; especially in California and Arizona. Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina have their share of scorpions, too. These insects are also found in grasslands and forests. Scorpions are members of the family of arachnids like spiders and mites. Some scorpions are quite dangerous, while others are not as fearsome as you might think they are. In any event, you must have a plan to control scorpions when their numbers are growing outside and inside your home.

Get Rid Of Loose Objects In Your Yard

Your best scorpion control method is to first clean up your yard. Get rid of all the brushwood piles that scorpions love to inhabit. Wood chips and bark pieces of any type are a welcome sign for them to enter your home. Loose soil is perfect for them to burrow under, because burrowing under things is what they do to survive. Rocks, logs and kids' toys in the outdoors are also favorite haunts for these insects. By cleaning up your yard, you are presenting an outside environment that scorpions won't want to inhabit.

Examine Home's Exterior

Examine your home's exterior closely; look specifically for crevices and cracks in the foundation and elsewhere on the building. Fill in these openings if you find them. Faucets on the outside, as well as any outlets, should be free of crevices that invite in scorpions. Dryer vents leading into your home should also be covered, as well as air conditioner ducts. Fill in crevices with caulking or foam spray around any vents leading into your home.

Now that you're finished with the outdoors, take the scorpion fight indoors.

Indoor Control Of Scorpions

Check for cracks and holes around entry points, and begin the search in your house's basement. Here again, use caulking or other sealant to block any holes or cracks. Treat ceiling fan bases as well, since scorpions are rapid climbers, and they'll try to hide out in this area that's free of human activity.

A Dangerous And Poisonous Scorpion Species

There is one particular type of scorpion that is cause enough for you to be alarmed if you're bitten by them. They dwell in the Southwest part of the country, and are identified as Centruroides exilicauda. They are also called Bark scorpions. Pale and small, they can get around easily without being seen. If you're bitten by a Bark scorpion, you could develop severe pain and inflammation at the stinging site. Your symptoms could progress to frothing at the mouth and numbness, breathing difficulty and associated respiratory paralysis, and twitching muscles and convulsions. Contact your local Poison Control Center for immediate help or have someone drive you to a nearby hospital emergency room for immediate care.

If you have a serious scorpion infestation, it's always best to contact the professionals. The experts at Blackburn Pest Control can offer more information on keeping your home and your yard free of pests.

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