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Did You Just Discover Rodents In Your Guest House? 3 Steps To Get Them Out Before Everyone Arrives

When you bought your property, you probably loved the idea of having a separate space where family and friends could stay during their overnight visits. However, it's common for guesthouses to get overlooked when large gaps of time pass by between having someone stay in the building. While the last thing you need is to worry about rodent control, there are ways to get the critters out before your guests show up. Use these steps to successfully eliminate the rodents so that you can get back to setting up a warm welcome for your guests.

Do Some Essential Maintenance

When you have a separate building on your property, it is possible for maintenance issues to arise that attract rodents. For example, you could have a plumbing leak that gave the rodents access to water. Clean up any water leaks you find, and arrange for the appropriate repairs. Alternatively, leftover food might have been missed during your last housekeeping session that brought rats and mice to the house for an easy meal. Keep in mind that rodents can also chew through cardboard packing, so remove any food that you keep in the kitchen area. Then, place any new food in plastic containers to prevent the rodents from finding an accessible snack again.

Arrange for Professional Removal

Rodent control and removal requires special precautions to prevent the spread of disease. You may also have other pests in the guesthouse that escaped your notice since insects and other animals are attracted to many of the same things as rodents. During a professional pest inspection, the entire property can be checked for pests. Your technician can also provide recommendations regarding how to clean up nesting sites and rodent droppings so that your guesthouse is sanitary before the visitors move in.

Seal All Entry Points

Rodents that are not caught may attempt to return to the building. For this reason, you will need to find out how they were getting inside so that these areas can be repaired. Often, rodents enter a house through damaged roofs or exterior walls. Ask your pest control service to help you identify these spaces so that they can be closed up to deter future infestations.

When you need to clear out rodents fast, it's best to use a multi-prong approach to address all of the reasons why they came to your guesthouse. By knowing how to clear out the uninvited guests quickly, you can look forward to greeting your houseguests with confidence that they will not encounter an unwanted surprise in the kitchen.

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