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Formosans: The Most Formidable Termite Enemy & Why You Need Professional Help

Formosan termites are the most formidable termite enemy in the U.S. If you have Formosan termites, you are in a heap more trouble than people who only have to deal with subterranean dry and wet termites. If you have a termite pest control expert inform you that you have Formosan termites, you only have two options; wage war with a professional's help, or pack up and desert your home because these termites are going to eat the whole thing before too long. If you opt for the former option, here is why you need professional help to get rid of this particular pest.

A Single Colony Contains Millions of Individual Termites

The termites you are seeing above ground barely represent a sample of its family underground. Like cockroaches, this particular termite has many more relatives than you can count. Colonies always range in the millions of individual termites by the time you spot them munching on your house. Since each colony can consume almost a pound of wood every day, the problem needs to be addressed immediately. Otherwise, they could easily eat your house in about a couple of months.

Their Colonies Are Hundreds of Feet Long and Deep

Imagine viewing an ant farm through glass. If you took that and made it into a sample termite farm in real life, it would not even come close to the size and expanse of colony Formosan termites can truly create. It is this kind of invasive colonization and their destructive behavior that has rightfully earned them the nickname, "super-termite."

Professional Pest Control Agents Spray and Inject the Ground

Standard termites can be killed in a few simple spray applications. Not so with Formosan termites. Not only do the professionals have to return daily to spray for these pests, but they have to find all of the cartons and underground tunnels and inject poison into these areas as well. This could go on for weeks, even months, before every last Formosan termite is destroyed. Worst still, if you cannot keep up with the payments and treatments, you will not get them all. Then the Formosans continue to ravage your home and any of the neighbors' homes and wood structures too.

Even if you spot just a single termite, call services like Reliant Termite and Pest Control right away. The sooner you find out if you have just a termite problem or a Formosan termite problem, the better. The Formosan colony is already huge by the time you spot the first pest. Ergo, treatment will have to start the same day you call pest control to take a look.

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