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Tips For Keeping Insects Under Control In The Summer

Summer is perfect weather for insects. Summer rain keeps mulch and weeds damp, and the temperatures are warm day and night. Many pests thrive in the summer, and you have to battle them indoors and outside. Having pest control treatments at the start of the season and again as needed helps keep problems to a minimum. Keeping your home and property tidy also helps keep bugs away. Here are some tips for keeping bugs under control in the summer.

Declutter Inside And Out 

Pests love clutter because it provides hiding and nesting places. By removing clutter, you take away safe havens, so bugs have to look elsewhere for a cozy place to hide. This means cleaning up natural clutter outdoors such as leaf piles, brush piles, and decaying wood. Don't leave junk or trash in your yard because something as small as a bottle lid holds enough water for a mosquito to breed in.

Decluttering inside the house involves throwing out newspapers and other materials that bugs chew on or hide under. Old magazines and newspapers are perfect for silverfish and roaches to hide in. The less clutter you have, the easier it is to keep your home clean. You'll have fewer bug problems if your home is vacuumed regularly and the pantry is kept free of food crumbs and open boxes.

Dry Out Damp Areas

Dampness attracts many pests, and those pests attract predators such as spiders. You may need to have work done on your house such as waterproofing a basement or crawl space to get bugs under control for good. Consider putting a dehumidifier in those areas to draw dampness out of the air. Fix plumbing leaks promptly so that the wood doesn't absorb moisture. A good defense against dampness outdoors is to expose your yard to as much sunlight as possible. This might include trimming trees as well as keeping your lawn trimmed.

Have Outdoor Pest Control Treatments

While you might already have quarterly or monthly indoor treatments, you may want to add outdoor treatments in the summer to protect against ticks and mosquitoes. These yard treatments greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes that ruin your outdoor summer fun. You might also need treatments for fire ants and wasps depending on the type of insects you have on your property.

Keeping pests out of your house requires vigilance all seasons of the year, but increased efforts are needed in the summer when the number of outdoor insects soar. By having regular pest control treatments and maintaining your property, you can keep many pests at bay.

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Summer is perfect weather for insects. Summer rain