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Rid Your Home Of Centipedes

Your home should be a space where you can relax and unwind at the end of a long day. Modern homeowners share their homes with the ones they love, but few want to share their living space with pests.

Seeing a centipede crawling in your bathtub or moving up your living room wall can be disturbing. Fortunately, there are some simple things that you can do to ensure that centipedes stay as far away from your personal space as possible.

Eliminate Other Pests

If you are spotting centipedes in your home, it's probable that you have other pests within your residence as well. Centipedes are one of the few insects that are omnivorous. This means that they rely, in part, on other bugs to fulfill their dietary requirements.

Check your home for ways that insects might be entering. Cracks in your home's foundation, spaces under the front and back doors, and broken window screens can all serve as entry points. Begin by eliminating all access points to reduce the volume of food available for centipedes in your home.

Eliminate Shelter

Like all living creatures, centipedes need to have shelter for their protection. Since centipedes are active at night, they seek shelter during the day. You can discourage centipedes from taking up residence inside your home by eliminating their source of shelter.

Most centipedes like warm, dark spaces. Piles of boxes, wood, or clothing serve as prime shelter locations for most house centipedes. Eliminating these stacks of items from your home can help you keep centipedes away from your property.

Eliminate Moisture

Centipedes enjoy living in a moist environment. You can use this preference for moisture against them as a way of ridding your home of centipedes. Areas that are high in humidity encourage centipedes to remain active and hunting.

You can install a dehumidifer in your home to help eliminate excess moisture. This will deter centipedes from wanting to take up residence in your home. Other methods of moisture control can include fixing leaking pipes as quickly as possible and checking for puddles in an unfinished basement or crawlspace after a major storm.

You don't have to share your home with centipedes. You can be proactive in eliminating these troublesome pests by making your home an uninviting environment for them. A professional exterminator can be called to help with the elimination of both centipedes and their food sources if needed. Contact a pest control company for more help.

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